Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Spirituality: ACCEPTANCE

From whichever part of the globe we are, there is one thing common to all of us – connecting to the Creator. There may be a small percentage of people who are atheists. But most of them probably belong to the category that says, “Thank God there is no God!”
Wherever your turn, there is no escaping God. Believe me, that is no threat, unless you are thinking in terms of a punishing God. Then again, a punishing God is only a part of one’s imagination. God is Love! He or She – however you perceive the Almighty – has only love for their creations – that is us. A loving parent will never seriously punish his or her child. Then why should God do that?
First of all, we must learn to relate to the concept that God loves us for whatever we are. This again, is absolutely logical as we are but His creations. There is absolutely no reason why he will not accept us. This will take us to the next step – to accept ourselves for what we are.
But to do this is to be aware of what we are. We might declare anything to the outside world. But deep within us, we know very well the truth about ourselves. Are we ready to face it?
Why not? All along, we did not want to face our darker sides only because we thought we might be punished for it. But now we know that God does not punish and He has already accepted us for what we are. So why not face the truths about ourselves?

• We speak truth 98% of the time. But there is that 2% where we lie to save our skins. There is no need to report this to another soul. Just admit the fact to yourself.
• We may have taken something that does not belong to us – some time or other in our lives. That does not make us thieves. But then again, let’s remember when condemning others.
• Jealousy is one emotion one never likes to be associated with. But the truth is that we do feel jealous when some other person has something that we have been craving for. Let’s admit it to ourselves. Remember, this does not in any way make us bad.
• We have hurt a number of people – by thought, word or deed. Admitting this to ourselves heals relationships tremendously. We need not even go to those people and admit to our faults – kind of dig up ghosts that have supposedly been laid to rest. Just be aware and ask for forgiveness mentally.
• Greed and covetousness are considered bad. True! But that has not necessarily stopped us from having those feelings. We may not have done anything to harm anyone. But the feelings are there. They just refuse to go away. Just be aware.

The list goes on. These are but a few examples that I am citing here. Please understand that there is absolutely no need to feel guilty or hide your feelings when you have these emotions. These are but natural. We are not aware as we have always suppressed them as we have been told that these feelings are WRONG. Forget the Right and Wrong. That is for the Almighty to set right. We as human beings can only know what we feel and be AWARE.
Whenever you get to know about someone’s success or hear something not-so-great about yourself, a lot of negative feelings might spring forth. Just be aware of these on a daily basis.
This exercise will soon cleanse you and leave you only with those feelings that are required to lead your lives in peace. A few weeks into it might invoke the Creativity within you and you might even discover a well-hidden talent, much to your pleasant surprise.
I speak out of personal experience. My talent to write was negligible till ten years ago. I could never string two sentences together. Today, I am able to put together articles, short stories, novels, etc. all thanks to this exercise that connects me to my Creator totally. :D


  1. SUPERB article on ACCEPTANCE.

  2. Hmm...this post has made me think....Thank YOU

  3. Wow Sundari... love reading your blogs :)

  4. yeah i remember, mum found it difficult to put together some sentences for our compositions as school.

    and today she is an author, writes short stories, articles, blogs

    strange and wonderful :)

  5. hmmm this article had made me think something & i will try my best to follow the same Thank you Sundari!