Monday, July 13, 2009


I don’t know whether any of you have noticed how our minds chatter non-stop. If you have a few minutes to stand by and ponder, you can hear your mind’s commentary. While we are seriously occupied with our regular pursuits, the background music is continuously on.
As you walk into your office, you notice that the floor is muddy, what everyone is wearing – whether it is good or bad, beautiful or ugly, that person is tall, this person is short, maybe she should not have worn that particular colour, that dress looks just perfect – so on and so forth.
This kind of chatter is not so bad as even as it is of no use to anyone it is of no trouble either.
The problem begins when the mind begins to take sides and argue over things that we have no control over.
There are times when we get angry with a family member, a colleague or very disturbingly and more often, our bosses. The whole day is a wasted exercise when we keep arguing and counter-arguing the matter, trying to find a different end as we re-hash conversations that are already over.
The mind chatters all the louder when frustration is the cause, we don’t have a choice and have to eat humble pie.
Right, now I have outlined the problem for you – I am sure you are all able to relate to this – let me try to explain how to solve it. For what is a problem that has no solution?
Chatter the mind does and it is not very easy to stop it.
Yeah I heard you muttering: “Arre yaar, and here we thought you are giving us a solution.” :)
I am getting there.
The first and foremost thing to do to get out of a problem is to be AWARE that there is one. You have to be aware that your mind has taken hold of one particular point and is worrying it the same way as a dog would a bone.
Stop doing anything and listen to the chatter. Check out how it is eating into your energies, spoiling your mood and consequently your whole day. Try to figure out whether it is achieving anything constructive at all.
Now that you have completed this, the simplest thing (or may be the most difficult) is to forgive the person who is causing this irritation and mentally bless them.
No, please don’t take a stick to me. I do realise that this seems quite strange to the way we have always been living – an eye for an eye and all that.
But when has that ever solved problems? More likely, troubles always escalated. Try this method of forgiveness and then go on to bless that person.
In the beginning, this task may seem tough. But as you continue to do this, you will find that your mind is silenced more and more and you can focus better on your regular lives.
Also, the bad feelings that accumulate within you that go on to become headaches, acidity, cancers, tumours and more, will just disappear.
The motive is purely selfish – to lead a happier and healthier life. :D


  1. so nicely written about mind chattering! am trying to follow the exercise suggested by you.
    very cute looking dog and cat in the picture

  2. your article is quite explicit, lucid and "THAT" "MIND BLOWING".Indeed we should thank our University and our Mentors. How much clarity they have given us while dealing with such a complicated subject of MIND.
    Ofcourse many MIND masters have always been expressing on this subject for ages, but you have put it in a very appeasing and non-judgemental manner.
    One nore thing I would like to add over here is that, "By forgiving the other", we are actually relieving him or his tainted picture from the realms of our MIND. This way,we are only helping ourselves, we are not favouring the other or not setting a wrong precedence and certainly not displaying our weaker side.
    This is one of the many common reasons for many people who are unable to forgive some one or even themselves.


  3. True, true. I'm a self-professed over-thinker and over-analyzer. Not sure I want to give that up yet! :)

  4. Very True....certain things happen without us being realizing it. If we just be aware of such small things life wud be truly beautiful....
    In future wud definitely try..ur solution. Have also read a book in the same flow....saying that human mind has a capacity to influence the universe...if its truly focused on a specific thing

  5. Nice Article. Will try doing it in future. Already I am doing it 50%, I would say. With age & experience, you get to do what you are saying. Hope to make it 100%!!

  6. Thank you for sharing this. Its been beautifully explained.

  7. Thanks.I think you're telling us what Mahatma Gandhi said. Generous, but extremely difficult to follow.

    But you deserve thanks for explaining it so simply.

  8. what extent!
    is it the solution to our mismatch desires and expectations? ideally it may hold true ......pragmatically for a constructive good it depends what a person holds in his personality?
    i totally agree with u that u forgive me that your article is half baked approach!

  9. @Abinav
    I don't profess to be a psycho-analyst. I have written this hoping that it will bring a little more peace to an extremely disturbed world. I do forgive you for calling my article a half-baked approach. God bless you! And I mean it. I am sure you have undergone too much trouble in your lifetime that you feel so strongly about forgiveness. I sincerely wish you have an improved life from now on. All the very best to you! :)

  10. Yes...Life is a struggle and blah blah....
    All that is true. What is also true is that these distracting noises are things, incidents or events in our lives that have got stuck in our consciousness. These sounds do not let us to get involved completely and give our 100% to what we are doing.

    Another reason for these distractions is maybe we do not have time to read into the details of things taking place in and around our fast-paced lives or maybe we are plain self-indulgent.

    What one needs to learn is maybe ways to tackle these sounds at their origin. Instead of learning to assume a forgiving mode once for and all, I suggest you think on more universal lines so that your mind is filled up with the immense beauty and strong purpose of life.

    Remember, spirituality is made of material things.