Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spirituality: HOW TO PRAY

Why should we pray? This is a common question that arises in people’s minds – especially those belonging to the modern generation. There are many people who believe that one should just do one’s duty and leave things to take their own course. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this way of thinking. It is but a perception.

Well, for those who want that little bit extra – a blessing – from the Creator, well, this blog is for them.

God knows everything! Absolutely true. He is also present everywhere! This is also so true. But then, Shri Bhagavan (of Oneness University) says that God is an ideal parent. When He created human beings – His children – He took the sankalpa (vow) not to interfere in their lives unless they called out to him. And this is how an ideal parent should be, says Shri Bhagavan – to help one’s child when asked and not keep interfering all the while.

Prayer is but a means of communication. There are different ways in which one could communicate with God. One is the usual way of uttering pre-written prayers – sometimes in a language that we understand and many-a-time in one that we don’t – such as Sanskrit. The logic is very simple here. It is us humans that don’t understand all languages. God understands every language spoken on this earth as he is but the Creator of all of them.

The tendency while uttering shlokas in a not-too-familiar tongue is for the mind to stray around while the lips keep muttering. It is not that these prayers don’t get answered – only there is no power behind them. It is as simple as the food cooking faster when the flame is more powerful or the light bulb burning more brightly when the voltage is high.

The simplest and best way to communicate with God is in a language that you understand. When you want something, be clear about your wishes and ask HIM. When it is in a language that you know, you automatically have the right emotion to drive the thought and this way the grace flows very powerfully.

Prayer is but a communication with the Almighty. The same way that parents give birth to children and enjoy their antics and answer their needs, God has created us, is watching our actions and is waiting for us to call to him. A parent would like to be a part of the child’s joy and sorrow and not be there only in time of need. In the same way, God would like to be a part of our lives all the time.

Make it a point to acknowledge Him when you wake up and thank Him at the end of the day when you go to sleep and see how it changes your live forever.

You will realise that you are never alone in the world, that there is SOMEONE out there on call 24/7, happy to love you, help you, serve you and care for you.


  1. Awesome! Thank you for actually helping me know better why do i pray to god...one of the best post that i have liked after your short stories...

  2. sorry forgot to comment about the pic...its very cute...

  3. Hi!! I quite like the post. It's precise without being preachy. I like the theory of God being a 'non-interfering parent'. Good logic to turn around and speak to him. :) I feel that prayer gives us intangible strength to perform our tangible duties and thus, achieve tangible gains.

  4. Ya I believe that god is everywhere & the blog give good idea of it thank you for reminding me again??

  5. God would like to be part of our lives all the time, this simple logic never occurred to me. Thanks for this post...

  6. There really is no wrong way to pray. I enjoy a ceremoial type prayer in the morning as well as speaking to God throughout the day as if talking to an old friend. It's cool to find dogs praying too! That is why all dogs go to heaven!