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Spirituality: DESIGN YOUR GOD

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What is God?

God is a Being that I perceive as the Creator of ALL THAT IS. I am sure you are all able to relate to that. God has many qualities, or rather, God has all the qualities. But what is the kind of God that you want in your life?

Sri Bhagavan
Is it possible for us to decide the qualities of Our God? Yes, says Sri Bhagavan of Oneness University. We can design our God, just the way we want. God becomes what we believe Him/Her to be. That will become our truth.

I remember when I was a child, I was told by the elders in my house that God will punish wrongs, He sits in judgment, if I don’t finish my meal and waste it, God will make me a beggar in my next incarnation, etc., etc., etc. – Sounds familiar?

Well, most of us who belong to the Hindu religion must have undergone similar experiences. As I grew up, I began to question this. My Grandma used to say that if I do something that is perceived as wrong, “Pillaiyar vandhu kanna kuthuvaar” was what she told us kids. That means that “Lord Ganpati will poke my eye if I do this wrong”. I realized that I could not utter this to my children. I felt that they should not be instilled with fear as they grew up. That’s when I questioned all that I learned while young. I could not stop my elders from telling me all that. But I realized that I never wanted to utter these words to my kids. Did that mean that my elders were wrong?

Well, after going to the courses at Oneness University, I learned a lot of things. I realized that people perceived things differently. My family belonged to the lower middle class and my Grandma did not want anything wasted, especially food. The only way she could make us toe the line was telling us that God will punish. She had been brought up with the knowledge that whoever does wrong will suffer in hell and she applied that to all aspects of her life and ours to some extent.

We have always been told that God will punish. He is judgmental, one cannot laugh in a temple as that’s a sign of irreverence – so on and so forth. I am sure each one of my readers can add a point to this list. Well, why is laughing irreverent? Is humour not God’s creation? He is the one who has created laughter. So why not laugh with Him? Do you see the misconceptions that we have built over time?

What I learned at Oneness University was that God is ‘Bhaktha Paradina”. He becomes what the Bhaktha wants Him to become. It was so fascinating. I loved the concept and had to immediately apply it in my life. I do till this day, designing my Bhagavan with all the qualities I would love a Supreme Friend to have and I have never looked back.

God to me is: 

1. SUPREME LOVE – There is no love beyond that. My God loves me absolutely and I am the most important being in His life.
2. SUPREME INTELLIGENCE – As My God is supreme intelligence personified, he showers me with that intelligence and develops my instinct.
3. OMNIPOTENT – My God is ‘all powerful’. There is nothing that He cannot do and He will not leave any stone unturned to make my life happy.
4. OMNISCIENT – My God is ‘all knowing’. He knows everything there is to know and he uses all this knowledge for my highest good.
5. OMNIPRESENT – My God is ‘present everywhere’. I first invited him to live in my home, then my heart. Later, I requested My God to live within me, without me, above me, below me, on my left, on my right, in front of me, behind me, around me, in my blood stream, in my heart, in my brain, in every cell, every atom of my body. I BELIEVE that God resides within and without me all the time. Just think – is it possible for anyone to fall sick under those circumstances? I never do. Is it possible to feel fear? I don’t.
6. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE – The love My God has for me is totally unconditional. He is always there for me, whatever the circumstances. He will never ever leave me alone.
7. My God protects me and my family completely, 24/7, from all that is negative. TOTAL PROTECTION under all circumstances. None of my family members has any qualms about walking out of our house at 2 or 3 am in the middle of the night or returning home late. It never matters even if we do that in any other city other than Mumbai. People tell me, “hey, that is Mumbai which is absolutely safe. But not so Chennai or Delhi.” My answer is always the same – “it does not matter which part of the world. None of us are ever alone. God is always there with us, on invitation.”
8. Whatever I do, however I behave, whether I get angry or jealous, whether I am happy and at peace or whatever, My God is there for me at all times, WITHOUT JUDGMENT.
9. I talk to God, all the time. I ask for advice, I complain, I shout, I joke, I laugh and more. No, I have not gone mad. I have made my God a REAL ENTITY. Not someone up there in the sky, who is unreachable.
10. There are loads more concepts that I come up with from time to time as the idea strikes me.

It is true that God knows everything. But as I had mentioned in another blog of mine – How to Pray – God does not interfere in our lives unless we invite him to do so. That’s the very reason, we need to Design our God.

Create your God as a Being who is powerful, strong, protective, loving, non-judgmental and more. Use your imagination and make your God your best friend or parent or teacher or whatever relationship you choose. You just need to call or as they mention at Oneness University – you just need to take that one step and God takes the rest of the 99 steps required towards you.

I have added a couple of youtube links where Sri Bhagavan explains a few things. Do check them out.

God does not test His lovers 

Sri Bhagavan explains the Presence

You are all welcome to post your queries as comments or send an email. Will answer them to the best of my ability, which is a lot, actually – it’s God given intelligence.


  1. beautiful post! love it!
    talking to God 24 hours is the best. I realised this only few days back when I suddenly thought I wasnt praying much. You then explained to me prayer is nothing but communication with God which I do all the time thanks to you!

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